"I have to stand up. It's okay if I'm scared. It's okay if I'm in pain. I have to rise above all of that. Because I have yet to fight of my own volition and on my own terms!"

Indie Fate Extra/CCC ♀ MC



"Peh. Lousy friggin kids. I really need to start ripping out throats." Roa complained as he returned to the alley he lived. Hoever, as he aprached it, he saw there was an unfamiliar girl lurking within the alley, somewhat hidden, but not very well, to the point that it was clearly obvious she was there.

Very few people ever went down this alley, according to Satsuki that was part of the reason it had been chose.

Che. Are Hunters seriously calling on girls like this now? Scum the lot of em. Not like this’d even be a nusance to me but.. Wouldn;t surprise me if one of those 3 fell for a trick like this. Might as well make this quick.

Roa stepped forward and picked the gril up by her head, lifting her into the air.


"You have about 10 seconds to explain who you are and what the hell you’re doing in this alley. And if I don;t like it, your head becomes soup."

"Huh,maybe I’m bring too much…." The girl sighed as she made her way through the town. It had been a while and Angel was trying to decide what exactly she should do with Satsuki today. What should they try doing today,trivial things like that.

She peered into the allyway,wondering if Satsuki was there..Usually she was around,maybe she was asleep? Dead  Apostles could sleep fi they wanted to,couldn’t they? She wasn’t sure,then again she could just be pinned down to something again…

 Before she could call out to her friend she felt pressure on her head, her feet lift off and dangle from the ground.”H-Huh!? L-Let me go!” She yelped kicking her legs up to the man.”Wh-wheres Satsuki-Chan!?”




Puts on Tohno’s glasses and walks into town.

 ”Well then, let’s have some fun shall we?”  

*follows behind with a large sign, somehow without Nanaya realizing*


Follows behind Satsuki because why the hell not looks like they’re playing a game of follow the leader.


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